Care instructions

As soon as you have used up your Levy & Frey products, the refilling fun begins! To prevent quality loss, rinse your bottle properly once. Don't worry - it's quick and easy!

1. Water 💦
To do this, first fill the bottle with lukewarm water.

2. Clean the bottle 🤙🏽
Shake the bottle with the lukewarm water and rinse it out again. If necessary, repeat the process if there is more residue in the bottle.

3. Clean the pump 🤙🏽
Also rinse the pump once under the tap and clean it with 3-4 pumps in lukewarm water until all residues are removed.

4. Dry off, done! 🛁
Last note: If you should not reuse your Levy & Frey products immediately, please make sure that the bottle and pump are completely dry.