Mission - Reduce, Reuse

Levy & Frey takes two approaches that, to me, indisputably belong together:

1: Your Body, Your Temple.

In order to feel good, we have to do something good for ourselves - and with the highest demands. That's why I've focused on natural and high-quality raw materials that give us intensive & rich care .

2: Our Planet

Just as it must be natural for us to let only the best get to our skin, we must do the same for our environment. Our ambitions must go hand in hand with nature. With Levy & Frey, we all have the opportunity to easily incorporate a sustainable, natural alternative into our everyday lives!

Let's join Levy & Frey in enjoyingthe best of nature and giving our best back #becausecaringissexy !

Your body . Your castle

I first discovered psoriasis at the age of 16. Since then, the topic of "proper" body carehas taken on a whole new meaning and has shown me how much a truly pure and natural care makes a difference.

7 years later, after completing my Master's, I fulfilled my big dream and helped out as a volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The trip was incredibly moving and, among other things, opened my eyes to our disposable plastic consumption. Back in Berlin, I dealt with the issue more intensively and realized: we need a solution here! Because it was clear to me: rethinking in terms of sustainability has already begun in our heads, the implementation is the crux here. With my penchant for natural body care and my mission to make sustainability socially acceptable, the idea of Levy & Frey was born; a solution with which we can all do something good for ourselves and our environment right from our first shower in the morning - and without changing our routine or compromising on quality!

Why Levy & Frey?

In fact, Levy and Frey are two, I think, wonderful first names with even more beautiful meanings. While Levy stands for loyalty and connection, Frey means freedom, living freely.

A combination that carries the mission within itself and thus further shapes our idea of sustainability. I hope you see it the same way!

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